ATHRENODY (usa) “Crazed Development” CD (625 Thrash / To Live a Lie) 3,00€
BATHTUB SHITTER (jap) “Wall of World is Worlds” MCD (Power it Up) 5,00€
BILE (hol) "Bloodshed" Digipack CD (Fat Ass) 5,00€
BLOODRED BACTERIA (ger) “Kiss the Goat” CD (Power It Up) 3,00€
BODIES LAY BROKEN (usa) “Eximinious Execrations…” CD (Deathvomit) 5,00€
BODIES LAY BROKEN (usa) “Discursive Decomposing…” CD (Discos Al Pacino / One Percent) 5,00€
BUTCHER ABC (jap) “Butchered at Birth Day” MCD (Obliteration) 5,00€
CATHETER (usa) / MASS GRAVE (can) Split CD (Haunted Hotel) 5,00€
CONFUSION (col) “Demos’lition” CD (Obliteration) 3,00€
-THE- DAY EVERYTHING BECAME NOTHING (aus) “Invention : Destruction” CD (No Escape) 5,00€
DEFENDER (spa) "Defender" MCD (Alone) 5,00€
DIE PIGEON DIE (aus) “Ripped from V to A” MCD (No Escape) 5,00€
FISTFUCK (can) / ABERRANT (usa) Split CD (Grind It!) 5,00€
FISTULA (usa) "Burdened by Your Existence" CD (Plague Island) 5,00€
FONDLECORPSE (hol) “From Beyond the Crypt” CD (Posercrusher) 3,00€
FUCK... I’M DEAD (aus) / ENGORGED (usa) Split CD (No Escape) 5,00€
GENOCRUSH FEROX (swe) “The Sepulchre Strangulation” CD (Ecorbuto) 5,00€
GODÜS (spa) “Hell Fuck Demon Sound” CD (Xtreem)  5,00€
HAEMOPHAGUS (ita) “Slaves to the Necromancer” (Despise the Sun) 3,00€
HARSH (fin) “Reality” MCD -packed on 7” jacket-  (Civilisation) 3,00€
HUTT (bra) / NOISEAR (usa) / GATE (jap) 3 Way Split CD (Blastasfuk) 5,00€
HYMEN HOLOCAUST (hol) "Hymen Holocaust" MCD (No Escape) 3,00€
IMPALED (usa) “The Last Gasp” CD (Willowtip) 5,00€
INTOXICATED (ger) "Rock 'n' Roll Hellpatrol” CD (Hells Headbangers) 5,00€
JONBENET RAMSEY (usa) “The Forsaken Porning of Prepubescent Anus” (Latex Solar Beef) 3,00€
KÖRGULL THE EXTERMINATOR (spa) “Dogs of War” CD (Xtreem) 3,00€
LAUTSTÜRMER (swe) “Depopulator” CD (Power It Up) 5,00€
LIFE IS A LIE (bra) "Life is a Lie" CD (Läjä) 3,00€
LOOKING FOR AN ANSWER (spa) "Dios Carne" Digipack CD (F.O.A.D.) 6,00€
MACHETAZO (spa) “Necrocovered” Digipack MCD (Living Dead Society) 5,00€
MAGRUDERGRIND (usa) "Crusher" MCD (Regurgitated Semen) 5,00€
MANIAC KILLER (usa) “Amusing Anectotes for the Depraved” CD (No Escape) 3,00€
MANTAS (usa) "Death by Metal" CD (Relapse) 6,00€
MEATYARD (nzl) / MAGGOTS (hol) Split CD (No Escape) 3,00€
MINDFLAIR (ger) “Stagnation” CD (Bones Brigade) 3,00€
MISERY (usa) / ENTINCTION OF MANKIND (uk) Split CD (Crimes Against Humanity) 5,00€
NECRODEATH (ita) “Into the Macabre” CD (Scarlet) 5,00€
OVAKNER (spa) "Art / Lume" MCD (Tupatutupa) 5,00€
OVERPOWERING (spa) “Cementerio de Esperanzas” MCD (La Idea) 3,00€
PREMATURE BURIAL (spa) "Antihuman" CD (Selfmadegod) 5,00€
PUTRESCENCE (can) “Mangled, Hollowed Out and Vomit Filled” CD (No Escape) 3,00€
PUTRESCENCE (can) “Dawn of the Necrofecalizer” CD (No Escape) 3,00€
PYREXIA (usa) CD “System of the Animal” (Pathologically Explicit) 5,00€
RAMMER (can) “Incinerator and Krusher” CD (Shifty) 5,00€
RAS (spa) / DISTURBANCE PROJECT (spa) Split CD (Everydayhate / Hecatombe) 5,00€
RETALIATION (swe) “Exhuming the Past – 14 Years of Nothing” CD (Selfmadegod) 5,00€
SEWN SHUT (swe) “Rediscovering the Dead” CD (Selfmadegod) 5,00€
SIMBIOSE (por) “Naked Mental Violence” Digipack CD (Anti Corpos) 3,00€
SKELETON OF GOD (usa) “Urine Garden” Digipack MCD (Imbecil Entertainment) 5,00€
SKULLHOG (hol) / VIOLATION WOUND (usa) Digipack Split CD (Fat Ass) 5,00€
SOCIAL INFESTATION (usa) “Lasciate Ogni Speranza” CD (Goatlord) 3,00€
SPLITTER (swe) "En Sorglig Historia" MCD (Obscene) 3,00€  I
TIGER JUNKIES (jap / usa) "D-beat Street Rock n Rollers" CD (Hells Headbangers) 5,00€
TOTAL FUCKING DESTRUCTION (usa) “Zen & the Art of Total Fucking Destruction” CD (Bones Brigade) 5,00€
TOTAL FUCKING DESTRUCTION (usa) “Peace, Love and Total Fucking Destruction” CD (Bones Brigade) 5,00€
TRENCH HELL (aus) “Southern Cross Ripper” MCD (Hells Headbangers) 5,00€
USE OF ABUSE (spa) “I’d Rather Close my Eyes...” MCD (Fragment) 3,00€
VV.AA. GOREGRIND CAFE vol.2 CD (Imbecil Entertainment) 1,00€
VV.AA. OBSCENE EXTREME 2006 CD (Obscene) 1,00€
VV.AA. OBSCENE EXTREME 2010 CD (Obscene) 1,00€
VV.AA. SLIMEWAVE Goregrind Series CD (Relapse) 5,00€
VV.AA. SPAIN KILLS Vol.07: Grindcore CD (Xtreem) 1,00€
XXX MANIAK (usa) / COFFINS (jap) Split CD (Creeping Vine) 5,00€
ZEIT GEIST (ita) s/t CD  (F.O.A.D.) 3,00€
ZOMBIE RITUAL (jap) “Zombies from Tokio” MCD (Aphatic View) 5,00€