VINYL 10" & 12"

(THE) ACCÜSED (usa) "The Return of Martha Splatterhead" -Earache cover- 12" LP (Unrest) 14,00€ -New Arrival-
ALTARAGE (spa) “Nihl” 12” Gatefold LP (Throne) 14,00€ -New Arrival-
(EL) ALTAR DEL HOLOCAUSTO (spa) “She” 12” LP (Throne) 13,00€ -New Arrival-
BODYBAG (spa) "Predominance of Insanity" 12" MLP (Living Dead Society) 10,00€
BRUTAL TRUTH (usa) "Evolution in One Take: For Grindfreaks Only! Volume 2" 12” LP (Bones Brigade) 12,00€ -Restock-
BUZZOV-EN (usa) "The Gospel According... II" 12" LP (Behind the Mountain) 12,00€ -New Arrival-
COFFINS (jap) “Craving To Eternal Slumber” 12” MLP (Hammerheart) 12,00€ -Restock-
COFFINS (jap) "Perpetual Penance" 2x12" LP (Hammerheart) 18,00€ -Restock-
CRIPPLE BASTARDS (ita) “Variante alla Morte” Gatefold 12” LP (Deep Six) 12,00€
DEFENDER (spa) "Defender" 10” MLP (Alone) 10,00€
DISGUST (uk) "A World of No Beauty" 2x12" LP (Behind the Mountain) 19,00€ -Restock-
EVIL ARMY (usa) “Violence and War” 12" MLP (Hells Headbangers) 14,00€
EXCRUCIATING TERROR (usa) "Expression of Pain" 12" LP (Psychocontrol) 13,00€ -New Arrival-
EXCRUCIATING TERROR (usa) "Divided We Fall" 12" LP (Psychocontrol) 13,00€ -New Arrival-
EXHUMED (usa) “Darbage Daze Re-regurgitated” 12” LP (Behind the Mountain) 12,00€
FRIGHTMARE (usa) “Nidnight Murder Mania” 12” LP (Torture Garden Pictures) 10,00€
GENERAL SURGERY (swe) / BODYBAG (spa) 12" Split LP (Living Dead Society) 12,00€ -Out Now-
HAEMORRHAGE (spa) "Emetic Cult" 12" Picture Disc LP (Morbid Generation) 14,00€ -New Arrival-
-THE- KILL (aus) “Soundtrack to Your Violence” 12” MLP (Fat Ass) 12,00€
-THE- KILL (aus) “Kill Them... All” 12” LP (Everydayhate) 12,00€
LOCK UP (uk) “Demonization” Gatefold 12” LP (Listenable) 15,00€ -New Arrival-
LOOKING FOR AN ANSWER (spa) "Eterno Treblinka" Gatefold 12” LP (Power It Up) 13,00€ -Restock-
MASTER (usa) "Master" 12" LP (Hammerheart) 13,00€ -New Arrival-
MIDNIGHT (usa) "Complete and Total Hell" Gatefold 2x12” LP (Hells Headbangers) 19,00€
MODORRA (swe) "Solar Anus" 12" LP (Plague Island) 13,00€ -Restock-
MODORRA (swe) / BODYBAG (spa) 12" Split LP (Plague Island) 13,00€ -Restock-
NASHGUL (spa) "Cárcava" 12" LP (Tupatutupa) 12,00€ -New Arrival-
NIGHTFELL (usa) “The Living Ever Mourn” 12” LP (Southern Lord / Parasitic) 14,00€
NOIA (ita) "Necessary Extinction" 12" LP (Plague Island) 12,00€
NOISEAR (usa) “Submit to the Subliminal” 12” LP (Nuclear Ass) 10,00€
NOISEAR (usa) “Pyroclastic Annhiallation” 12” LP (Nuclear Ass) 10,00€
P.L.F. (usa) "Ultimate Whirlwind of Incineration" 12" LP (Regurgitated Semen) 12,00€ -New Arrival-
RAW POWER (ita) "You are The Victim / God's Course" Gatefold 12" LP (F.O.A.D.) 13,00€ -New Arrival-
RUINEBELL (fin / spa) "Embers' Grave" 12" MLP (Doomentia) 12,00€
SATAN (uk) “Atom by Atom” 12” LP (Listenable) 15,00€ -New Arrival-
SATURATION (can) s/t 12” MLP (Saturation) 10,00€
SCAB PICKER (usa) “Vaginal Abduction” 12” LP (Nuclear Ass) 5,00€
SINERGIA (spa) “Alea Jacta Est” 12” LP (Cooperación) 5,00€
TOE TAG (usa) s/t 12" MLP (Behind the Mountain) 12,00€
WARSORE (aus) / AUTORITÄR (ger) 12" Split MLP (Psychocontrol) 10,00€
WEEKEND NACHOS (usa) "Punish and Destroy" 12” LP (Bones Brigade) 12,00€ -New Arrival-
WEHRMACHT (usa) "Shark Attack" Gatefold 12" Picture Disc LP (F.O.A.D.) 14,00€
WOJCZECH (ger) “Sedimente” 12” LP (Towerviolence / Sensitive Wormrile) 8,00€