LDS 010 GENERAL SURGERY / BODYBAG Split 12" LP (released May 2017)  -very last copies AVAILABLE-
LDS 009 BODYBAG "Predominance of Insanity" 12" MLP (released July 2015)  -very last copies AVAILABLE-
LDS 008 LOOKING FOR AN ANSWER "Kraken" 12" EP (released July 2014) -SOLD OUT-
LDS 007 MACHETAZO "Necrocovered" MCD (released June 2010) -AVAILABLE-
LDS 006 GENERAL SURGERY / BUTCHER ABC Split 12" LP (released April 2009) -SOLD OUT-
LDS 005 LOOKING FOR AN ANSWER “Extinción” CD (released November 2007) -SOLD OUT-
LDS 004 MACHETAZO “Ultratumba” CD (released December 2006) -SOLD OUT-
LDS 003 LOOKING FOR AN ANSWER “Buscando una Respuesta” MCD (released December 2005) -SOLD OUT-
LDS 002 COFFINS “Sacrifice to Evil Spirit” MCD (released April 2005) -SOLD OUT-
LDS 001 MACHETAZO “The Maggot Sessions” MCD (released November 2004) -SOLD OUT-