VINYL 10" & 12"

ALTARAGE (spa) "Nihl" Gatefold 12" LP -ultra clear with black smoke vinyl- (Throne) 18,00€ 
ARCTURUS (nor) "Shipwrecked In Oslo" Gatefold 2x12" LP -marbled blue vinyl- (Abstract Emotions) 20,00€
BUZZOV-EN (usa) "The Gospel According... II" 12" MLP -dookie brown vinyl- (Behind the Mountain) 15,00€
CRIPPLE BASTARDS (ita) "Variante alla Morte" Gatefold 12" LP -clear vinyl- (Deep Six) 12,00€
DEFENDER (spa) "S/T" 10" MLP -black vinyl- (Alone) 9,00€
EVIL ARMY (usa) "Violence and War" 12" MLP -white vinyl, etched B side- (Hells Headbangers) 12,00€    
EXHUMED (usa) "Garbage Daze Re-regurgitated" 12" LP -black vinyl- (Behind the Mountain) 12,00€  
GENERAL SURGERY (swe) / BODYBAG (spa) 12" Split LP -black vinyl- (Living Dead Society) 20,00€ 
GRAVE (swe) "Morbid Ascent" 12" EP -orange vinyl- (Abstract Emotions) 18,00€
HAEMORRHAGE (spa) "Emetic Cult" 12" LP -picture disc- (Morbid Generation) 12,00€ 
INERTH (spa) "S/T" 12" MLP -black vinyl- (Living Dead Society) 10,00€
INERTH (spa) "Void" 12" LP -black vinyl- (Abstract Emotions) 15,00€
LOOKING FOR AN ANSWER (spa) "Buscando una Respuesta" Gatefold 12" MLP -black vinyl- (Throne) 12,00€
LOOKING FOR AN ANSWER (spa) "Dios Carne" Gatefold 12" LP -black with white / blue splatter vinyl- (F.O.A.D.) 22,00€  
MASTER (usa) "Master" 12" LP -black vinyl- (Hammerheart) 15,00€ 
MODORRA (swe) "Solar Anus" 12" LP -black vinyl- (Plague Island) 13,00€   
NASHGUL (spa) "Cárcava" 12" LP -black vinyl- (Tupatutupa) 10,00€  
NIGHTFELL (usa) "The Living Ever Mourn" 12" LP -black vinyl- (Southern Lord / Parasitic) 13,00€  
NOIA (ita) "Necessary Extinction" 12" LP -black vinyl- (Plague Island) 12,00€
NOISEAR (usa) "Submit to the Subliminal" 12" LP -black vinyl- (Nuclear Ass) 10,00€  
NOISEAR (usa) "Pyroclastic Annhiallation" 12" LP -black vinyl- (Nuclear Ass) 10,00€
PIWI BIZARRE TECH (spa) "Forged at the Anvil of Betrayal" 12" LP -white vinyl- (Bestiarie) 8,00€
PREMATURE BURIAL (spa) "Antihuman" 12" LP -black vinyl- (Beat Generation) 15,00€
PYREXIA (usa) "Sermon of Mockery" 12" LP -ultra clear vinyl- (Abstract Emotions) 20,00€
PYREXIA (usa) "Sermon of Mockery" 12" LP -silver vinyl- (Abstract Emotions) 20,00€      
SATURATION (can) "S/T" 12" MLP -black vinyl- (DIY) 5,00€  
SCAB PICKER (usa) "Vaginal Abduction" 12" LP -black vinyl- (Nuclear Ass) 5,00€
SINERGIA (spa) "Alea Jacta Est" 12" LP -black vinyl- (Cooperación) 5,00€  
TOE TAG (usa) "S/T" 12" MLP -black vinyl, single sided- (Behind the Mountain) 12,00€ 
TRAIDOR (spa) "Holocausto Cotidiano" 12" -black vinyl- LP (Hecatombe) 10,00€   
WEHRMACHT (usa) "Shark Attack" Gatefold 12" LP -picture disc- (F.O.A.D.) 15,00€  

*SECOND HAND* (all items in mind or near mint condition)
AGATHOCLES (bel) "Black Clouds Determinate" 12" LP -picture disc- (Goatgrind) 12,00€
AGATHOCLES (bel) / DEPRESSION (ger) Split 12" LP -black vinyl- (Power It Up) 10,00€
BOMBSTRIKE (swe) / REIGN OF BOMBS (swe) Split 12" LP -black vinyl- (Yellow Dog) 5,00€
BURN HEAVY (usa) / KINDOM OF MAGIC (usa) Split 12" LP -grey marbled vinyl- (Bad People) 5,00€
CHAINSAW TO THE FACE (usa) "Agonizing Pain and Perpetual Misery" 12" LP -black vinyl- (Rødel) 5,00€
DARK FUNERAL (swe) "Diabolis Interium" Gatefold 12" LP -black vinyl- (No Fashion) 30,00€
DARKTHRONE (nor) "Return to Ultima Thule" 12" LP -black vinyl- (bootleg) 15,00€
DEADMOCRACY (bra) / HINFAMY (bra) Split 12" LP -black vinyl- (Absurd) 5,00€
DERANGED (swe) "S/T" Gatefold 12" LP -black vinyl- (Merciless) 12,00€
DISCHARGE (uk) "Disensitise" 12" LP -black vinyl- (Vile) 14,00€
DISKONTO (swe) "There is No Tomorrow" 12" LP -black vinyl- (Flowerviolence) 8,00€
FLESHGRIND (usa) "Murder Without End" 12" LP -green vinyl- (Restrain) 12,00€
GHOSTRIDER (ita) "Mayhemic Destruction" 10" MLP -splatter vinyl- (F.O.A.D.) 8,00€
GRAND MAGUS (swe) "Hammer of the North" Gatefold 12" LP -black vinyl- (Roadrunner) 30,00€
GRIDE (cze) "Tanec Bláznu" 12" LP -black vinyl, etched B side- (Chimeres) 8,00€
HAEMORRHAGE (spa) / DEAD (ger) Gatefold Split 12" LP -black vinyl- (Apathic View) 12,00€
IMPALED NAZARENE (fin) "All that You Fear" 12" LP -black vinyl- (Osmose) 30,00€
INTENSE DEGREE (uk) "The Eyes Have It" 10" MLP -black vinyl- (Sound Pollution) 5,00€
KONTROVERS (swe) "S/T" 12" LP -black vinyl- (Putrid Filth Conspiracy) 6,00€
LOOKING FOR AN ANSWER (spa) "Eterno Trebinka" 12" LP (Power It Up) -red vinyl- 15,00€
MACABRE (usa) "Grim Scary Tales" 12" LP -picture disc- (Decomposed) 15,00€ 
MALIGNANT TUMOUR (cze) "Dawn of a New Age" 12" LP -black vinyl- (Insane Society) 8,00€
MASSICK (ger) "S/T" 10" MLP -splatter vinyl- (Hombre Lobo) 5,00€ 
MIND (ger / pol) "...Your Own Business” Gatefold 12" MLP -black vinyl- (Anomie) 5,00€
MINDFLAIR (fra) "Green Bakery" 12" LP -orange & green splatter vinyl- (Bones Brigade) 8,00€
MISEY INDEX (usa) / STRUCTURE OF LIES (usa) Split 12" LP -black vinyl- (Deep Six) 8,00€
MORD (nor) "Christendom Perished" Gatefold 12" LP -black vinyl- (Antichristian Front) 9,00€
MY MINDS MINE (hol) "Between Soothing Consolation and Uncontrollable Madness" 12" LP -black vinyl- (Amenta) 8,00€
MY MINDS MINE (hol) "Scenes of the Complete Annihilation of this Planet" 12" LP -black vinyl- (Amenta) 8,00€
NASHGUL (spa) "El Día Después al Fin de la Humanidad" Gatefold 12" LP -splatter blue- (Trabuc) 10,00€
PHANTASM (usa) "Wreckage" 12" LP -ultra clear vinyl- (Deep Six) 8,00€
PIOLINES (spa) "¡Buen Provecho!" 12" LP -black vinyl- (Munster) 5,00€
-THE- PUBLIC (cze) "Another Day In Paradise" 12" LP -black vinyl- (Human Meat for Sale) 3,00€
-THE- RAVENOUS (usa) "Blood Delirium" 12" LP -black vinyl- (Displeased) 12,00€
RHINO (spa) "Breed the Chosen One" Gatefold 12" LP -black vinyl- (Odio Sonoro) 12,00€
SKRUPEL (ger) "S/T" 12" LP -black vinyl- (Thought Crime) 3,00€
SLAUGHTER (can) "Fuck of Death" 12" LP -picture disc- (Hells Headbangers) 20,00€
SUFFOCATION (usa) "Souls to Deny" 12" LP -picture disc- (Relapse) 25,00€
TERRORIZER (usa) "Darker Days Ahead" Gatefold 12" LP -picture disc- (Animate) 20,00€
-LOS- VATICANOS (ita) "Nerone 666" 12" LP -black vinyl- (La Corona di Spine / Thought Crime) 5,00€
VICTIMS (swe) "Neverendinglasting" 12" LP -black vinyl- (Yellow Dog) 5,00€
WAKE UP ON FIRE (usa) "S/T" 12" LP -black vinyl- (Torture Garden Pictures) 3,00€
WHORESNATION (fra) "S/T" 12" LP -black vinyl- (Goatgrind) 8,00€
WOJCZECH (ger) / INSTINCT OF SURVIVAL (ger) Split 12" LP -black vinyl- (Rescued from Life) 6,00€
WOJCZECH (ger) "Sedimente" 12" LP -black vinyl- (Towerviolence / Sensitive Wormrile) 6,00€
WOJCZECH (ger) "Pulsus Letalis" 12" LP -black vinyl- (Regurgiated Semen / Sensitive Wormrile) 6,00€
XXX MANIAK (usa) "Harvesting the Cunt Nectar" 12" LP -red & black splatter vinyl- (3XM) 10,00€
VV.AA. PLAY FAST OR DON’T (Czech Extreme HC Grind Fastcore Compilation) 12" LP -brown vinyl- (Psychocontrol) 8,00€
VV.AA. SPEED KILLS 6 (Violence of the Slams) Gatefold 2x12" LP -black vinyl- (Under One Flag) 15,00€